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Say your forklift has incurred damage or is suddenly malfunctioning, putting it out of commission. In the event of sudden, urgent malfunctions, we’ll troubleshoot with you to find the problem and help you out as soon as possible. To prevent machine downtime, we’ll even supply a replacement for you. We have the means to transport your forklift ourselves, making us adaptable and able to respond quickly. Our mechanics can perform repairs on forklifts and other transport machines on site or in our state-of-the-art shop where we have all of the necessary equipment on hand.

You can also turn to us to have your Linde forklift read. We have all of the latest software, enabling us to read the malfunction and reset the service interval.

BM Machineservice works in close collaboration with a number of suppliers to be able to source all sorts of parts. This means that we’re often able to offer you a suitable solution within as little as 24 hours. We also do repairs on other forklift brands, such as Toyota, Jungheinrich and Hyundai. And of course, we keep staples like demi water, forks, oil, etc. on hand at all times.

BM Machineservice

Bonegraafseweg 16b

6669 MH Dodewaard

The Netherlands