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BM Machineservice is certified for performing VA inspections. The VA quality label imposes stringent requirements on both the machines to be inspected and the inspector themselves. After the machine is inspected, a VA certification sticker is applied. This sticker provides a guarantee that the inspector reviewed all security aspects and that your machine is fully in accordance with all current regulations and safety standards.

Four advantages of a VA certification are:

  1. Objective inspection according to the most stringent quality standards
  2. Experienced, skilled inspectors
  3. An inspection system with built-in controls
  4. Inspections for all brands, including on site

BM Machineservice is certified
To be permitted to perform these certifications, B.M. Machineservice has been VA certified. We are audited annually and subjected to sampling on our certified forklifts – like a vehicle inspection on your car, except for forklifts. Our mechanics are also certified for inspecting large equipment.

We provide certification for the following:

  • Earth-moving machines (sampling, big sticker)
  • Mini digger / mini shovel (without lifting feature, with a maximum weight of 3,000 kg)
  • Indoor transport machines (sampling)
  • Forklifts
  • Indoor transport machines (no sampling) without wheel drive, mast/rolls or lifting chain
  • Tractors
  • Standard and rotating telescopic handlers
  • Telescopic handlers
  • Rotating telescopic handlers
  • Cherry pickers
  • Towed / construction machines
  • Truck-mounted cranes
  • Tailgates
  • Self-propelled road construction / indoor transport vehicles
  • Set-up equipment
  • Basket cranes
  • Press containers
  • Volume containers
  • Sweepers / scrubbers / vacuums

Why do an inspection?
Having occupational equipment (machines, equipment, tools, etc.) certified is legally required. Dutch occupational health and safety regulation includes the so-called ‘Occupational equipment guideline’. This guideline states that preventive certification guarantees better safety for machines and equipment. Once your occupational equipment has successfully gone through VA certification, your legally compliance is guaranteed and you are all set for the next year. If your equipment’s certification is not renewed, it’ll have to be repaired first.

Lack of certification can earn you a fine
The standard fine is € 900 per machine, equipment or tool. Insurance companies can seize on your lack of certification to reject liability claims. Lack of certification translates into unnecessary and irresponsible risks for you, your employees, and your fellow road users.

Safety for you and your employees
Certifications have a validity period of one year. Does the safety of your machines matter to you? If so, make sure that all of your machines are fully compliant and have your occupational equipment certified in a timely fashion by an authorised VA certification agency.

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